Social Lens Media is a boutique creative digital agency that specializes in
influencer marketing and relations.

Not being on social media in 2023 is so lame and being lame on social media is not an option.

But, You Already Knew That Which Is Why You Are Here .

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Our services

Our goal at Social Lens Media is to make each campaign as seamless as possible by creating influencer marketing strategies tailored to your needs. Using data insights and social analytic tools so we are able to retrieve deep insights into each influencers audiences so we can match our clients with the right influencers to reach their target demographic.

  1. Strategy Building
  2. Influencer Sourcing and Vetting
  3. Contracts and Negotiations
  4. Customized Influencer Campaign Briefs
  5. End to End Influencer Marketing
Let us help you bring your vision to life! We know what it takes to set you apart in a crowded and competitive market and how to target an audience and keep them engaged.
  1. SEO Optimization
  2. Real Time Engagement
  3. Page / Channel Evaluation
  4. Strategy / Posting Schedule
  5. Content Creation
Tell your story through compelling, user friendly videos for reels, YouTube shorts and TikTok!
  1. Lifestyle / Product Videography & Photography Campaigns
  2. Short Form Video Content
  3. UGC (User Generated Content)
We have carefully selected each influencer to bring onto our growing Social Lens Media roster, These influencers have carefully crafted brands, their audiences are real, and the campaigns they work on have impact.

We offer a range of services to fit your exact needs 

  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Ads
  • Branded Influencer Events
  • Web Optimized Video/Photo Production
  • Articles/Audio & TV Publications

Past and Current clients

Meet The Founder

Social media enthusiast, content creator,
founder and a sucker for good marketing.

With over 6 years of experience in the social media and influencer marketing industry as both an influencer and brand management side, Chanelle has gained intensive knowledge and understanding of the market from both perspectives. She has helped numerous brands elevate their business. Chanelle brought Social Lens Media to life to give brands the opportunity to a hands-on influencer marketing experience that will help guide your business in the right direction.
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A creative agency ready to make connections and deliver results .