Dea Beauty Clinic

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The Brand

Dea beauty is a medical aesthetics clinic based in Toronto, ON just outside the downtown core. Irena, the owner opened her office 3 years ago and 1 year ago she opened her new and bigger clinic widening her services. Dea Beauty Clinic is like coming over to hangout with your friends, Irena prides herself on being extremely personable, attentive to your needs, and educational. She wants you to feel confident, safe and happy with your results.

The Approach

We asked 14 influencers to come in for a complimentary service and share personalized stories around their experience. The goal was then to educate their followers about how each service works, highlight the new location, and drive traffic to the event that was happening for Dea Beauty's 3rd year anniversary.

Our Strategy

We partnered with well known creators aged 25+ that openly speak about their issues with PCOS. Team Fit With Me is very results driven, so we needed to work with creators long term that were dedicated to weekly intense training. Finding creators that would do this almost as if it were a full time job was tricky but we managed to find 5 creators that stuck to the program and shared their progress through Instagram stories, Instagram videos, and static posts each month.

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This campaign was really a family coming together, even though the brand owner and creators were strangers when they first got int contact with each other, this relationship was nurtured from all ends. The creators we chose for this collaboration were 110% dedicated to their results as well as bringing their followers along for the journey. They were required to post 5 times alternating between Instagram stories, carousels, feed posts and videos. The creators posted more than required, they were happy with the results and the relationships that were built during the process. We saw an average of 7 posts per creator per month, Team Fit With Me gained 13 new clients that were signed to 2-6 month contracts resulting in a 110% increase on investment.
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