The best poké in toronto

The Brand

Pokito is a poké restaurant in the heart of Toronto, they serve authentic Hawaiian and modern style poké. They value sustainability by sourcing Ocean-Wise seafood and eco-friendly disposables. Their brand is very much family oriented and want you to feel at home the second you walk through the door, while also making you the best poké you can find in Toronto.

The Approach

Pokito's goal was to increase foot traffic to the store, while getting spreading awareness of the brand and online loyalty app - at this time we were justttt having the pandemic restrictions lifted in Toronto so you could enjoy a meal outside on the patio, in door dining was still not available. Which is why we needed to bring attention to Pokitos loyalty app where customers could order fresh poké to their door without Uber fee's.

Our Strategy

This was a gifted collaboration, so we needed to incorporate experiential marketing into our strategy, make it fun, cool, exciting, relevant so creators could enjoy their experience and want to talk about it. Coming out of the pandemic people were eager to see their friends, catch up and support local. Thats when we decided we were going to add all of the above into our strategy. Bring a friend to lunch! This also promoted their buy one get one free promotion when you ordered from Pokitos app. Creators were able to enjoy lunch with their friends for free and catch up over some delicious poké.

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As a Toronto based agency this campaign meant a lot, it was a contribution of the community coming together to keep our small businesses afloat. Nearly 10,000 restaurants in Canada closed down as the hospitality industry was hit the hardest during these times. Our goal was to help spread the word that Pokito was still here, open for business, and are ready to provide the best customer experience through hospitality and quality of food. We partnered with 30 content creators that worked 9-5 jobs to come in for a lunch date with their co workers, Toronto foodies, and lifestyle creators who were able to bring some humour to the campaign. Each of the 30 creators posted a TikTok video, an Instagram Reel or a in feed static post which Pokito could then repurpose organically. We saw a total of 33 posts, 88,100 + views and over 500 comments about how their audience loves Pokito and will be heading there soon.
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