Shmata Stores

A thrift store experience unline any awaits you at Shmata!

The Brand

Shmata is a newly opened thrift store located at Jane and Finch in Toronto, ON. They sell quality used and new clothing all by the pound to help, their goal is to break stigmas around thrift shopping and make it cool and sustainable. Shmata has gained quite some momentum throughout their first year in business.

The Approach

Shmata Stores wanted to utilize the social media and influencer marketing space to share new in store products and spread awareness of the brand and retailer location. They aimed to make people understand their affordable prices and that they were paid by the pound. Especially to people in their community and around the area.

Our Strategy

Social Lens Media worked with Shmata stores for 3 months as they were opening their location. To gain momentum we hosted a private event for creators/influencers in the area to check out their new location and share their experience shopping in the store. Since then we maintained the buzz that was created by the influencers/creators and showcased the clothing they could find in store, and how everything in the store (even designer items) we're all $4.99 per pound.

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Shmata has become widely known in the Toronto thrifting community, on top of the rapid social media growth we were able to achieve for them. We also created a highly loyal community of buyers who would frequently share their experience at Shmata stores by sharing organic TikTok videos, Instagram reels and tagging Shmata in their static posts. We were able to create 3 TikTok videos over 1 million views, and over 10 videos that reached over 250,000 views on Instagram reels and TikTok. Because of the viral videos, Shmata received 4 organic publications for major Toronto news outlets such as Narcity, Blogto, Urbatoronto, and The Downsview Advocate. Each of those combined have gained over 1.6 million views.
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