Spidertech Tape

The world's best Pre-cut Kinesiology Tape

The Brand

Spidertech Tape is the leading kinesiology tape in the world, we have been working with them for 1 year for the launch of their new tape, Tummy Tape. Tummy tape helps pregnant women relieve pain and provide a more enjoyable experience with their pregnancy during the tougher months as their baby grows. Their goal is to be the Kleenex of kinesiology tape.

The Approach

We launched a 2 part campaign for Spidertech, 1 video to capture the attention of mothers-to-be with entertaining, problem identifying, relatable content. The second video was to educate their followers and those interested by answering questions with a video on application, benefits and removal.

Our Strategy

In order to showcase the product and benefits we first had to capture the attention of our target audience. How we did that was worked with strictly TikTok creators who were in their 2nd & 3rd trimester who post vlog (talking to the camera) type content as this is a product that required a walk through of the application, benefits, and removal. The creators we worked with had to be comfortable on camera and known for their story telling. Our influencers were asked to lead with their pain points such as "my back has been killing me from the weight of my belly " then provide them with a solution to this problem - that being Spidertech tape.

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TikTok Video

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We had so much fun with this campaign, as it was strictly on TikTok and we love working with TikTok creators because we find the content more raw, unfiltered, and authentic. Which is exactly what we were going for, pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but it sometimes comes with its side effects/complications, we wanted to showcase in an authentic way how you can relieve those issues and still stay comfortable so they enjoy their pregnancy a little bit more. We heard only positive feedback from the creators and the response from their audience was even better!
We achieved over 15 million in social reach and 403,659 engagements in this campaign among our 43 posts from 23 of our influencers. Our CPE for this campaign was $0.02 compared to the industry average of $0.54 and our CPV was $0.00!!
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