Spidertech Tape

The world's best Pre-cut Kinesiology Tape

The Brand

Spidertech Tape is the leading kinesiology tape in the world, we have been working with them for 1 year for the launch of their new tape, Tummy Tape. Tummy tape helps pregnant women relieve pain and provide a more enjoyable experience with their pregnancy during the tougher months as their baby grows. Their goal is to be the Kleenex of kinesiology tape. They have then expanded into various other pre cut tapes such as beauty tape, we had the pleasure of working with them again for the launch of Beauty Tape!

The Approach

We launched a 2 part campaign for Spidertech, 1 video to capture the attention of women looking to enhance their cleavage or support themselves without a bra. 2nd video to provide a more in-depth tutorial of how to place/apply the tape to your desired look/feel.

Our Strategy

For this campaign we didn't want to be like every other beauty tape, by showing how to tape your breast for your desired shape/look. We strategized a way we can stand out from the crowd by incorporating other trending subjects such as Bridgerton the steamy Netflix show everyones been talking about, as it was released the month we launched this campaign or "how to enhance what you already have" "support without the bra". This was a light hearted campaign, we wanted it to be fun, educational, and problem solving and for the first ever campaign ran for Beauty Tape our team did a pretty kick ass job targeting the right influencers for the job!

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We’re cool, we’re hip, we’re confident, we relate to a millennials and gen z ‘s! The women we chose for this campaign perfectly showcased innovative ways to wear beauty tape, to enhance what they have, to fake a boob job or create the infamous “Bridgerton boobies.” The overall campaign included a diverse and inclusive group of women who were excited about the tape and all the ways they could get creative with it. For this campaign we were targeting female fashion/beauty creators that were comfortable talking on camera or had strong story telling skills and could show case that with strong visuals. We gave them pointers on the type of content we were looking for but ultimately gave them the creative freedom to do what they do best, CREATE! And of course capture the attention of their audience and beyond.
We achieved over 3 million in social reach and 314,219 engagements in this campaign among our 31 posts from 21 of our influencers. Our CPE for this campaign was $0.04 compared to the industry average of $0.54 and our CPV was $0.00!!
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