The Brand

Sweetkick products are designed to help you manage and satisfy sugar cravings and support a healthier lifestyle. Each of their products available are made from ingredients you can read, help regulate your blood sugar levels, help support a healthy gut, and take back control of your sugar cravings.

The Approach

Sweetkick knew there was a need for social media when marketing their online store. They were stagnate at 15.6k followers for over 2 years and not seeing any real traction from their social media pages, majority of the traffic was being directed from their newsletter and ads. They were looking for a more organic approach, while also growing their online community to expand their current audience.

Our Strategy

Social Lens Media worked with Sweetkick to increase brand awareness and growth on their social pages. We partnered with affiliates to share their story of how they incorporate Sweetkick products into their everyday life, hosting giveaways with brands that were aligned with their mission, and generating selfless, entertaining content their target audience would appreciate and engage with.

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Sweetkick has been sitting at 15,600 followers for 2 years until we took over the account, we have seen steady growth over the past 3 months and were able to gain an additional 1,265 followers bringing their followers up to 16.3k all through organic efforts. We have been able to partner with well known creators in the clean eating niche. Such as Michael Blaney strictly on a gifting / affiliated basis as well as growing their affiliate roster to a steady on boarding of 20 creators per month all of which that have been loving the products and posting about them frequently. We noticed our engagement and organic efforts really took a turn for the best when incorporating UGC creators and affiliates to provide that extra social proof as people are a bit more hesitant to purchase food products online that they have never tried before. Especially when in such a competitive space such as protein powders.
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